Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue

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Do you need help finding your best friend a new home? We are here to help. Below is some info that will help us help you.

What We Do

When surrendering a Dog to RPMR we do our best to find a great home for your friend. We keep our dogs in foster homes, not kennels and cages so we may need a bit of time to get the right foster home ready. We will work as quickly as we can and often are able to accomidate most requests in a few days, due to amazing foster network and amazing people.Once in a foster home they will work with a trainer to work on any issues they have, as well as with our vet to help with any medical issues they have. We take dogs who have both behavioral and medical issues, so please let us know when you surrender if there is anything that needs help with. Telling us about these issues saves us time to get them taken care of. Many people feel they need to hide issues so that the dog will be taken into rescue, we will still help we just need to know.

We do have some emergency cases come in and are set up for those. But it helps if we have a week or so to get things ready. When we take in a new dog we hold all dogs for 2-3 weeks prior to adoption to get them ready for a new family and any medical needs address. We make sure every dog is altered, up to date on vaccines, dewormed, flea treated, and had any other medical care needed taken care of. This can take time to schedule appointments depending on the dogs needs. So it may take longer for your friend to be ready for a new home. We also want to find the right home. Not just a home. So the more info we have and the more we know the better we can find the right home.

What We Need From You

You know your dog better then we do. So the more info you can give us about your friend the more we can help. Any history medical or behavioral we can get helps us in learning more about the dog. PLEASE do not hesitate to share the bad as well as the good things about your friend. We know no dog is perfect. The more info we can get the more we can help. If your dog has a behavior problem we have trainers that will work with him or her. But it is much easier to know of the problems so we can be ready for it, rather then be surprized later and not prepaired. If your dog does have a medical issue please let us know. We help many dogs with medical issues every year. But once again it helps us to know so we can have a vet that is already informed and a treatment plan already started. We want to make sure your best friend is comfertable while looking for a new home.

What Does This Cost

Nothing. We are here to help. We do ask for 2 large bags of dog food that your dog is currently eating with each dog surrendered. This gives us enough food to transition them onto our food slowly. Nothing is worse then being in a new place with new people and not feeling good. If you have any treats, crates, bowl or blanket that you are willing to donate with your dog we are always thrilled to get any donations. The more things that we can keep with your dog that is familiar with them the easier it will be for them to adjust.

Saved Lives