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Medical Donations

One thing that we are passionate about is animals that are considered "death row" dogs. Meaning that due to something they are felt that they have no chance of making it out of the shelter alive. We work with many dogs with medical issues in order to help these dogs be more adoptable. Just this year alone we have done 3 knee replacements , 4 hip replacements, 8 dogs with cherry eye, 4 tumor removals, and much much more. Since we often take in dogs with Mange, Staph, food and health allergies, and other medical needs our medical costs are often the one thing that we struggle with.

In order to help with donations you are welcome to contact us for more info on the dog who we are raising funds for. Often we have one to two dogs at a time that are major medical issues. These dogs likely had no chance of a normal life with out this medical care. We often do fund raisers through GO FUND ME, as well as our face book, and paypal account. If you would prefer to send donations directly to our vet that can be done as well. Just send us an email and we can give you more info.  


 Much Needed Donations

 Our most needed items are Blankets, Dog food, Bowls, Crates, and toys/Treats. We also need funds donated for our special needs dogs who come in with medical issues. We have been working with a lot of shelter dogs who come to us sick and in need of medical care. If you would like to make a donation please contact us. We are always in need of the following items: Dog food, Blankets, Bowls, Treats, Crates (all sizes), dog beds, fencing material, bleach, mops, buckets, cat litter, cat food, collars, and leashs. We are also always in need of funds. They can be sent to us, or to our vet. Please contact us and we can give you his information as well! The dogs and us thank you!

If you would like to make a donation please feel free to use our paypal account under RisingPhoenixWa@aol.com 

Other Ways To Help

There are so many ways to help from helping do evaluations and paper work to walking dogs and getting them to appointments. We can use all the help we can get its our amazing vollunteers that keep this program going. We always need people to help with transport from different areas and between foster homes. We are working with a huge network of other rescues. So if we dont need help in your area at this time, we may know another rescue that does. We are here to help each other!


If you are intersted in fostering please contact us. We have an application that would need to be filled out and a home check would need to be preformed. If there is a specific dog that you are interested in fostering please let us know. We want to make sure that things go well for both the foster home and the dog. So having a family that fits the dog while looking for a home is always a help. If you have experance with a particular breed please let us know. All costs of the foster dog will be covered. From food to medical we take care of all costs. All you need to provide is lots of love, a warm home, and attention. If you need help with things we are always here any time to help through anything. We have some amazing foster homes. They are the backbone to what we are able to do. It would be impossable to do this with out devoted people who care about these big guys.

Other ways to donate! 

  Donate a Thunder shirt to us by using:

http://shelter.thundershirt.Donate a Thundershirtcom/shelterDefault.aspx?sid=WA357

 Donate Dog food to us from Chewy:


Or by using our amazon account for needed items:


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