Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue

Saving lives, one at a time!

Who We Are:

  Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue started as a dream. A dream that some day all mastiff and large breeds would have a chance to find an amazing home. We are a non profit and no kill rescue. We started very small and have gained a lot of respect and help through the years. We are able to work with not only the common breed mastiffs but the rare and misunderstood breeds. The more powerful breeds are harder to place but just as worthy of a home as the other dogs. We are willing to go the distance. We are so lucky to have foster homes in WA, OR, ID, MT, NV, AZ, CA, and many other places. We work with rescues all over the USA and Canada. We are here to help. So many dogs are looked over. Alot of our dogs are big males. Since the 3 worst things you can be in a shelter is A Large breed, Black or brindle, and a boy. Any combo of those things are a death sentence. So we save as many as we can.

Everything we do is devoted to these big guys and saving their lives. We will to any length that we need to save these guys. Often we work out of state and many times our volunteers will donate their time to drive states away to help other dogs or rescues that need help. We do everything we can, its not just a passion it has become our goal in life to see these big dogs in a safe place and loving homes.

When we started we wanted to find a symbol to represent our rescue. The Phoenix was a favorite from the start. Just as the Phoenix never dies, and is reborn by the flame we feel these big dogs often are in the same situation. Many of these guys have had to pass through the "flame" of hardship, abuse, neglect, and mis understanding. We are determined to give them a new life, where they can be loved and cherished as they should have been. Deep down in side we are all a Phoenix, Rising from the past, to be born anew.

What We Do:

We work with breeds and dogs who are normally overlooked. That scared dog in the back of a kennel in the shelter on death row. Over 90% of the dogs in our rescues were going to be put to sleep before we took them. We strive to help those that have been over looked. That's our kind of dog. He or she deserves a chance and we are devoted to giving that to them. If the dog needs training we will get it, if they need medical care we do our best. No one deserves to be given up on. We are known for working with breeds a lot of rescues will not. We also spend alot of one on one time with our dogs. Our goal is not just to find them a home but to find them the right home. We want to help you find the right best friend. This will help you have a long and happy relationship with your new friend. We also believe that education is the key. A lot of the dogs we see in rescue are here because they did not get the training or care they needed as puppies. The only way to stop this is by educating the owners when they get that new little guy on how to help. If you or anyone you know has questions or needs help feel free to drop us an email. That's why we are here, to help.

Breeds We Work With:

At RPMR we will work with any breed or mix breed that needs a place to go. We do not limit ourselves to mastiffs, although they are the preference. We do however have experience with most mastiff breeds. Including English Mastiff, American Mastiff, Tosa Inu, Spanish Mastiffs, Neopolitan, Cane Corso ( Italian Mastiff), Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian Mastiff), Dogo, Presa, Rotties, Doberman, St Bernards, danes, and many more. We believe that they all need a second chance. If you are looking for help or to adopt and don't know if we have a dog in your area, please contact us, we stay in contact with other rescues who may be able to help you find the right best friend.

We are unable to work with any Pitbulls, or mix of. Due to many cities in our area banning them they have become very difficult to find homes for and we feel that other rescues may be a better alternative.

Want to learn more?

If you still have questions or just want to know more you can contact us any time. We are here to help. You can also join us on facebook.


Saved Lives