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Adoption Process

The first step in adopting a new friend  is an filling out an application. You can find one here  or you can email us with any questions and we aim to get back to you in 12 hrs sometimes things happen, but we do our best to be speedy. The application can be emailed to you and filled out, or filled out on line. There is NO fee to fill out an application, nor is it ever a commitment to adopt. It is simply a way for us to find out a little more about your family and living situation to see if you would be a good match for a furry friend we have who is looking for a home, just as if you come to meet the pet you are never required to adopt. It is simply the next step in everyone getting to know each other. We will NOT do a meet and greet with out an approved application. If you do not feel that you need to fill out an application, we do not feel like we need to arrange a meet and greet. We are looking for serous adopters for the life of these amazing dogs and just as every person is different so is each dog. 

We will need to know which dog it is that you are interested in. It is difficult for us to tell you anything about the dog if we do not know who you are speaking about. We are also glad to answer any questions you might have. We want to get to know you and make sure that the dog that you adopt is the right dog, not just a dog. We want to make sure that you will be happy with your new family member and that your new family member has found their right fit. Many of our dogs come from rough backgrounds and deserve great homes. We spend a lot of time with these guys and try very hard to get to know them as best as we can. No one will ever know how a dog will react in all situations. But we try to get as good of an idea as we can. That is why each of our dogs are in foster homes. Not cages and kennels boarded in cities that we have never been to. We want to know these guys personally to help them find the right homes.

When applying for a dog please be prepared to adopt the dog if approved. We make appointments based off when approved applicants are able to come meet them. We do not hold dogs, so once approved it is first come first adopt. We WILL NOT HOLD A DOG FOR HOLIDAYS, BIRTHDAYS OR WAIT FOR YOU TO MOVE. These guys deserve to find amazing homes and if someone else who is approved is able to make a sooner apointment they would have first chance to adopt. We are based out of homes and foster homes and this limits the amount of dogs that we can save and help. Every dog adopted saves the life of two dogs. The one who is adopted, and the one who can come into rescue and take their place.

In the case that you want to commit to adopting a dog that you have been aproved for but are unable to arrange a meet and greet in such a short amount of time we do occasionally put a hold on pets. Please be aware that you may be asked to put a deposit on a dog if you are asking for us to hold it for you. This allows us to know that you are serous since some dogs can be very popular and have many applications in on them. Although, do be aware if you do not come to adopt your pet you will forfeit the deposit. This deposit if non refundable and only holds the dog for 7 days. It will be used towards the adoption fee when you come see your new adopted friend.

When coming to meet your new friend we do suggest that you bring a few things. We suggest that you bring a blanket for your car. Often during the year we have great weather but we can sometimes have rainy days or snow on the ground. This means that there will be wet feet. We also do have a pool for our dogs in the summer to keep them cool. As much as we will try and keep them dry they may have been out playing before you arrive. Also please bring a few treats for your new friend. During the ride home it can be stressful for both you and your new friend. A few treats to help smooth the situation over and never hurts. We also suggest bringing a leash and a collar. Our dogs do not go home with their collars since we only have a limited number of our own. If you have questions on collar size please feel free to ask. It is welcome to bring your current pet with you to the adoption. We do ask that your pet be under control and on leash at ALL TIMES. Please also remeber we do often have extra large and Giant breed dogs. Meaning that there needs to be enough room in your vehcical for your current pet and new pet to ride home safely and comfertablly. 

 Since our dogs are all in foster homes we do often meet at neutral locations. This helps in case the foster is at work, which often is the case during the week, so we do not intrude their privacy with strangers, or if they are hard to get to. Some times of year a few of our fosters live in areas that require a 4x4 to reach them. It also gives the dog a chance to meet in a neutral area where there are less distractions and is more focused on meeting new people and other pets. There is less likely to be territorialty issues in a neutral space and there is no influance from any of the other dogs that the foster home may have. It has worked out wonderfully in the past and we have had great sucess with this routine .Some of our fosters are rehabilitation other dogs who are not social or friendly. This also keeps other people safe from coming into contact with these dogs. They may also have dogs who are very young and need to be kept safe from outside illnesses. 

At adoptions you will get a copy of vet records, contract and any info we have such as the programs we are enrolled in that helps with your adoption. We do require contracts in order to adopt. This makes sure that everyone is clear on what kind of home and care we require and helps you know how to contact us and what you can expect from your new rescue family. We do ask to have you send pics and updates, we live for those. We also ask if you would like to join our facebook page, we have many happy adopters and a great network of people to help! 

Not able to make the drive? We do have a couple of wonderful volunteers that will help with transport if requested. They do so on their own and although they are donating their time they do ask for gas to be reimbursed. At this time the group that we work with does charge .60 a mile in order to transport dogs.This allows us to help people who are unable to come to Yakima. They are able to do transports in other states as well, as we do allow out of state adoptions.



Adoption Requirements

In order to adopt a dog from Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue we need to get an application submitted. We need to get as much info from you as possible to know if the dog your interested in is a good fit. We do require different things for different dogs. We do require a fenced yard. Some dogs require specific fencing. We also require a letter from your landlord or insurance company so we know that it is okay to take on such a big dog and big responsibility. We want to put the right dog in your home, not just any dog. It needs to be a good fit for both of you or neither will be happy. Some of our dogs can not be with small kids, some LOVE kids. A lot of our requirements are based on the dogs themselves. Some LOVE people, and some do not. Some need to be in homes with Mastiff experience. And some are easy going buddies that can help you walk through your first mastiff experience. Once these guys have a paw print on your heart its hard to live with out one.

Our Adoption Fees

$300.00-550.00 for any dog. This includes a spay/neuter if age appropriate other wise the dog can be returned to us at 6 mo for an appt with our vet. If you prefer to use your own vet clinic then you would assume the cost of having it done. This must be done by the allotted time indicated at the time of adoption.

$TBD for medical needs dogs and special needs pets.  

The adoption fee includes spay/neuter( if over 6 mo), age-appropriate vaccinations, worming, flea-treatment, and medical issues in some cases this means cherry eye, entropia, tumor removal, and other issues resolved. We also try very hard for all of our dogs to have at least basic training as well, so many of our dogs have spent some one on one time with a trainer. Where they are worked with sit, down, stay, wait, walking nicely on leash, house and crate training. We also have a number of trainers that we know and work with. Depending on your area we may be able to get you in touch with one of them. Often these trainers will offer a discount if you adopted a pet through us!

At times animals come in with higher-than-average medical needs, and those needs must be financially met. Sadly right now we have many more dogs with medical needs coming in the normal. Many of these needs cost over 1200-2500 to fix. We do our best to help as many special needs dogs as possible.

Your adoption fee will be applied to the rescue and care of many more animals in need; routine items like vaccines, de-wormers, microchips and of course, a high-quality kibble must be purchased, and at times, dental work and other health issues must be addressed so it helps to have extra funds on hand to work with when those things come around Also since we are a rescue that works with animals all over the USA and Canada it helps us get these animals to and from a foster home that can help them. Often a single transport will cost upwards of 2500.00.

Thank you for understanding our fee structures and why they are what they are!

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